Review for Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter KARIZMA BEAUTY 10g Festival Glitter Cosmetic Face Body Hair Nails

Product description :

  • KARIZMA GLITTER: Sparkle season is here. Take it to the next level with our Silver Holographic chunky glitter featuring little stars, dust and hexagons for an irresistible glow. Our cosmetic glitters are made with designer formulas, high intensity pigment and holographic shine. The chunky glitter collection features 10g of Karizma glitter, perfect for gifts and your glitter addiction.
  • OUR BRAND: We started our brand by working closely with celebrities and the music industry on their style. Our glitter was inspired by working behind the scenes on music videos, backstage preparing for tours and festival stage performances. We have designed our own glitters for you bringing some sparkle from our world. The KARIZMA glitter is your secret formula to get that superstar glow and be sure to get a lot of compliments.
  • VEGAN, COSMETIC GRADE, CRUELTY FREE & KID FRIENDLY: Tested on celebrities, not animals. Karizma glitters are vegan, cruelty free, non toxic and cosmetic grade. The packaging is recyclable. Our cosmetic grade glitter are very safe to wear on the skin and are also kids friendly. Please be careful with using glitter on the face as often people buy craft glitter which is made with pieces of glass. Karizma glitter is FDA approved cosmetic glitter, safe to wear on the skin and will compliment all
  • STYLE TIPS FROM KARIZMA: Drip in glitter glow at festivals with under the eye glam glitter tears or on the cheekbones for a club night ready reflecting highlight. Our hair glitter makes for the cutest glitter braid insta looks. On the body, dust some on the collarbones and shoulders for a super shimmering effect, perfect for weddings and evening glamour. Mix our colours for unlimited makeup moments with your friends. Tag us on Instagram at karizmabeauty, we can’t wait to see what you create.
  • THE KARIZMA PROMISE: Take the Karizma glitter home and love its beautifully formulated blend. We know you are a VIP client and will only provide you with the finest product and service or we’ll refund your event cent. Add your glitter to your cart and experience the Karizma Beauty pop culture experience phenomenon.

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Review for Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter KARIZMA BEAUTY 10g Festival Glitter Cosmetic Face Body Hair Nails
Review for Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter KARIZMA BEAUTY 10g Festival Glitter Cosmetic Face Body Hair Nails
Review for Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter KARIZMA BEAUTY 10g Festival Glitter Cosmetic Face Body Hair Nails
Review for Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter KARIZMA BEAUTY 10g Festival Glitter Cosmetic Face Body Hair Nails

What’s customer said about this product:


Super cute!!! Put it on for EDC Las Vegas

A little goes a long way! I don’t know why people keep complaining that the jar is too small, I did half my face and hair, and I still have an almost FULL jar left. Not to mention the tremendous amount of glitter that I spilled on the bathroom floor trying to put it in my hair. I would def recommend, and that one jar is going to last you a long time.


Mark and Ash

I bought this for a concert and it was perfect! It is loose so you have to use primer for it to stick. I used e.l.f. Glitter primer and it stayed on all night.



This glitter is EVERYTHING!!! You really can’t go wrong with it. It was easy to apply using E.l.f. glitter glue, and was long lasting till I washed it off. It comes off easily when removing it, which is a BIG plus. Definitely will be purchasing more in the future!



Loose glitter of all sizes in small container but alittle goes A LONG WAY… To make it stick I got NYX glitter primer (off Amazon) which worked great on my face… For my body I got cheap body glitter gel that came in a tube from the 99 cent store… After putting on the gel I added it quickly before it dried to my neck, chest and arms… I was a alien for Halloween… I went to a club from the evening until night an it last all night… I used it on different nights not just once… It was a pain in the butt to remove all my makeup and glitter… I used micellar makeup remover… Some makeup remover cream and like 5 wipes an a towel which I’m ok with… I layered a lot. I made a mess the washer towels N vacuum got it all… Took me 45 min to a hour to put on all my glitter an makeup… Took about the same to remove it… The second time around I realized if u throw your hair up an jump in the shower it comes off easier…


Riley Orr

I’m going to just validate what a lot of other reviewers have stated: it is A LOT of glitter for such a small container. I always wear Unicorn Snot to raves and decided to amp it up this time around. This glitter was fantastic! I used the Unicorn Snot as a base and the glitter stuck right on top. I even put some in my hair and by the end of the night there was still a lot of glitter in tact.


I absolutely LOVED that there was a variety of shapes included as well. I was going for a galaxy look and the cute little star shapes were perfect! I can see this little glitter tin lasting for many shows to come.


Madison Meehan

I was able to apply this glitter with just a little bit of hairspray and it stuck perfectly! The glitter itself has the best shine and appears holographic every time you move. The glitter stuck to me for most of the night and only small amounts came off, which I think is better than most. A little bit goes a long way too so the container should last a really long time! Overall for the price and the product you get I would definitely recommend.


N Jervis

Beautiful glitter!! Small and large chunks made it perfect for what we were going for! A little goes a LONG way!! I read other reviews that it was too small of a container for the price, but let me tell you, it was definitely more than enough! I used the peal off glitter glue and this stuff stayed on alllll day!!! I put the glue on and then sprinkled a little glitter on top (I had her lay down on her back to do this). There was glitter EVERYWHERE!! And the container doesn’t even look like we used any! Definitely perfect amount for the price. Stayed on for 13+ hours with the glue and we just peeled it right off. No scrubbing or washing! So easy!